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vbaMaven Tooltask for MSBuild

Welcome to the vbaMaven Tooltask for MSBuild. vbaMaven, created by Datatunning (, is a tool used to automate the import/export of vba code to/from an Excel application (workbook, template or addin) in order to have the source code files handled by whichever versionning tool (Sourcesafe, CSV, SVN) you like. The current version is the November 2009 release. This tooltask is an alternative to the initial Apache/Ant script used to call the vbaMaven. As I was working on a project mixing VBA / VB and C#, we were using MSBuild for the DotNet applications. So I decide to cut off the Apache/Ant for a better integrated solution or at least the beginning of one...

Benefits and Features

  • Remove all external (intermediate) command window from Apache Ant / Batch
  • MSBuild script integration over how to call and handle return code
  • Open-source project. You have full control over the Tooltask code itself. Just don't forgot to contribute any changes.

While the vbaMaven Tooltask is open-source, vbaMaven (latest is 1.6.4) itself remains under the attached license agreement delivered with the tool, and is subject to changes at the sole discretion of the editor Datatunning

Know Issues and Limitations

The following are the known issues and limitations in the current release of the help file builder
  • This still rely on the command line application vbaMaven which handle it's own log files
  • ...and that's it. Well if you find something, please let us know to share the bugfix

How to build

Project Build Requirements
  • MSBuild: For the build process

Intellisense Build Requirements
  • Lss.Utilities.MSBuildSchemaGen: this will generate the intellisense XSD schema.
[If you do not want it, edit the vbaMavenTooltask and remove the line calling the task]

HTML 1.x / 2.x Help file Build Requirements
  • SandCastle: For the help file generation (on codeplex)
  • SandCastle Patch (on codeplex)
  • SandCastle Help File builder: Which handle the Help project in a MSBuild format
  • H2Reg (shareware) or HelpRegister (on codeplex)
[If you do not whish to (re)build the help files. Just remove the unwanted sub-target (GenerateSchema, GenerateHelp) in the Build-Setup target>]

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